Is the Cruise giveaway a scam?

There is a company that gives people a complimentary cruise on an Imperial Majesty ship. The cruise visits the Bahamas. The cruise is not altogether free as people are required to pay port taxes fof $59.

If you search for information about a cruise giveaway you will come across sites calling it a scam. The interesting thing with those people is that they did not take up the offer. They just call it a scam so be it.

Also on the sites that proclaim the cruise to be a scam there were stories from people that actually took up the offer. They said the ship they went on was not as fantastic as some of the super cruise ships that sail the high seas but they did have a good time and they met lots of good people. They also said the food was good.

The key thing about the cruise giveaway is that the company behind it is trying to get the people into a timeshare situation, at least that is what I have read. Is that a scam? I think it is just marketing. It is hardly a crime to go about business in that fashion.

My wife and I have enjoyed a nice weekend in Sydney in the past thanks to exactly one of these so called scams. They gave us some nice cheap accommodation in a Darling Harbour hotel. As part of the deal we had to take part in a timeshare holiday club presentation for Accor. We were actually impressed by the deal and signed up.

After getting home we decided to pull out of the deal and we had no trouble getting our money back. In the end we had a great weekend in Sydney.

Getting back to the cruise, it is a great deal. The people offering it are just doing what they think is right to attract customers. I would not call them scammers.

You can actually scam them, or should I say take advantage of them. Go on the cruise knowing that they will be out to get your business in a timeshare deal. Just remember to say no.

If you want to take advantage of the offer be aware that the cruise departs from Florida so you will need to make your own way there. You also have the port taxes to take care of.

If you want a complimentary cruise click on the banner below and enter your email on the page that appears. Please note that the offer is for US residents only.

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