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If you want to save thousands on your accommodation you should check out a video that explains how.

From the site you can take care of all your vacation needs. Not only can you lookup the latest airfares you are also able to book your hotels for that upcoming vacation or business trip. We also offer useful hints and tips related to travel. Inside the site you can also read destination information. Our favorite destinations are China and Thailand.

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China has a special place in our hearts. The team behind the Cheap Flights and Cruises website met and fell in love in Beijing, China. We are now based in Australia however we enjoyed a month over in Beijing in August 2008. That visit of course coincided with Beijing playing host to the 2008 Olympic games. That was awesome!

We have recently enjoyed a great cruise on-board P&O's Pacific Jewel. We had a ten night cruise to the South Pacific and enjoyed nearly every minute. Check out the travel talk blog for articles about the cruise.

We have travelled to many exciting destinations around the world, from Asia to Europe to the Pacific and the United States, all offering unique experiences. We hope to share our travel knowledge with you to make your travels easier and more enjoyable. Our next vacation is most likely to be a cruise to the South Pacific.

The Olympics may be over but you can still visit Beijing. Having seen first hand many of the Olympic venues I can recommend a visit to Beijing just to see them, they are quite spectacular. Of course Beijing has so much more to offer than the prospect of visiting Olympic venues. It is a city with an ancient history with a remarkable mix of historical buildings and also ultra-modern high rise buildings. The CCTV building is something special.

If you are flying from the USA and really want direct Beijing flights you can fly from Chicago, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington DC. Delta airlines has announced that Seattle will also have direct Beijing flights.

Travel is about having fun, learning about different cultures or just chilling out by the pool in some exotic location, most of all you want value for money. To achieve this takes careful planning. The last thing you want while on your vacation is to end up stressed out and feeling like you can't wait to get home.

We provide you with the tools to track down the best value flights and cruises available on the internet to help you get better value for your vacation dollar and we have partnered with some of the biggest travel service providers. Whether you are just looking to book a cheap flight to Las Vegas Nevada for an all weekend party or a cruise to Alaska to experience the wonders of nature on offer in the unspoilt Alaskan wilderness we can help you find it here.

This website is divided into several sections. It has travel tips, links to useful information located on other websites, information for booking flights and information for cruise planning. The site also contains articles that we hope you find interesting.

The Cheap Flights and Cruises website provides you the user with travel options that aim to beat what is out there on our competitor's websites.

Why would you want to use this site for your travel needs? The main reason is that we are here to help you plan your vacation with the minimum of fuss. We are also here to help you get the best deal and find that cheap airfare or adventure cruise.

Do you have a vacation that you have always day dreamt about? Now is the time to live that dream. Do you want to round up some friends for an Australian outback adventure or have you wanted to visit the far east? You can read about when you will be most likely to book cheap Beijing flights and visit this fantastic city, home of the 2008 Olympics.

Maybe right now you just need a short break. Las Vegas has so much to offer both the single traveler and the entire family. There are so many travel choices. All that you can imagine can start here.

Feel free to browse around the Cheap Flights and Cruises website. When you are ready to book a vacation, hotel or flights you can visit the partners page to search for the best offers. Don't just dream it, do it now! There is a whole world of adventure waiting for you.

If you are traveling overseas shortly you should read our Travel Registration article. It provides tips about how to make your journey safer. Also take the time to drop by the travel talk blog. The recent Tsumani in Somoa goes to show you just never know what can happen when in a foreign country. Being registered with your countries local embassy helps them help you in times of emergency.

Most of all you want to enjoy your travel experience, we hope you find the information on to be of some interest.

What is the destination you most long to visit? Why just think about it take action and book your dream vacation today?

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